Frequently asked questions

Send files (upload)

How to upload files?

To send a file, you can use our upload tool available on the home page, a loading indicator will appear and you will get a share link at the end of the process.

Which files can I upload?

You can upload any file, video files that you send us are converted to MP4 in best possible quality, so you can stream them directly from a modern web browser. The maximum file size is set to 5GB for documents of all kinds and to 10GB for video files.

How long do you keep my files?

We delete files that are inactive for more than 30 days for classic files and 60 days for videos.

Download files (download)

How to share a file?

After uploading a file, a share link will be provided, you can then share it with your friends.

How to embed a streaming player?

After uploading a file, an HTML integration code will be provided, you can then integrate it into your website.

Why is my file no longer available?

If your file has been deleted, it may be that it has expired or violated our copyright policy.


Does this website collect my personal data?

We do not communicate and do not use your personal data other than in a purely technical way to the functioning of the site.

Can I earn money by sharing files?

Yes, unlike the vast majority of file hosting services who give you a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by your files, we let you use your own advertising or self-promotion link so that you can benefit 100%.